Surgery at Warwick Equine Clinic

When your horse needs surgery, we are here to meet your needs. Warwick Equine performs surgery for a variety of soft tissue and orthopaedic conditions. More complex procedures or those beyond our capabilities are referred to University teaching hospitals or larger surgery centers. 

Surgical Suite at Warwick Equine

What to Expect During Surgery at Warwick Equine

Many procedures can be performed can be performed on an outpatient basis at the clinic. The horse is admitted in the morning and goes home that evening. Some may require an overnight stay.

Before Surgery

Before the surgery, your horse will be fasted for several hours if it is an elective procedure. A physical exam and pre-operative blood work are performed to ensure your horse does not have an underlying medical condition that will make anesthesia more risky. Horses are particularly prone to anesthetic and recovery complications and we make certain to take every necessary precaution to reduce the risk of anesthesia. ECG, blood pressure, temperature and oxygen saturation are monitored on all horses during surgery.

After Surgery

It is our goal to give you all the advice you need to properly care for your equine from the moment they come home from surgery. Taking an all-around approach to surgical care is the best path to achieving better horse health, and we want our clients to feel as empowered as we do to help.

For more information on our equine surgical services, call us at 845 986 2669 today.