Evaluation of Poor Performance

Poor performance is defined as an inability to compete at either a previously achieved or expected level. Performance issues may be the result of a lack of intrinsic athletic ability, training and/or conditioning issues, overt or sub clinical lameness as well as systemic disease or disorders.

It is important that the consulting veterinarian have a solid background in the equine athlete's particular discipline. Issues that affect race horses are quite different from those found in those competing in dressage. Likewise conditions in reining horses are different than those found in jumpers. There are, of course, certain diseases that affect horses in general, no matter what the breed or discipline.

The majority of Warwick Equine Clinic's experience is with Standardbred and Thoroughbred racehorses, show jumpers, eventers and dressage horses. We also see some mounts used in reining and Western competition.

No matter the discipline, evaluation starts with gaining a complete history and a general physical exam. After the initial assessment, specialized testing is often recommended.