Warwick Equine Clinic looks forward to serving you and your horses. We strive to provide state of the art, cost-effective equine veterinary care to help ensure your horse’s general wellness as well as to treat short-term and chronic conditions.



You can reach our office or one of the doctors 24 hours a day. Non emergent calls for appointments should be made weekdays before 8:00PM. Emergencies may be called in at any time. You can also reach us by email for questions or appointments.

If you are having an emergency, call us, and we will work together to get you help as quickly as possible.

Available Services

Physical Exams 

A complete physical exam should be performed once a year. A thorough evaluation of your horse's overall health can often identify illness in the early stages when it is most likely to be successfully treated.

Diagnostic Testing

Computerized gait analysis to evaluate lameness and poor performance

Clinical pathology laboratory testing: in house and reference laboratory analysis at the Animal Health and Diagnostic Center at Cornell University

Stall side clinical pathology for emergency cases

Digital radiography


Endoscopy: airway and gastrointestinal

Other techniques used to diagnose a wide range of health conditions

Deworming and Treatment for Internal Parasites 

Deworming recommendations have changed dramatically over the past several years. It is no longer recommended to deworm horses every 6-8 weeks as in the past. More targeted treatment and individual parasite control measures are no recommended. The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) website has good, scientific recommendations for equine parasite control. Any deworming program should be discussed with your veterinarian and routine fecal testing is strongly advised to formulate a strategy appropriate for your horse and his stabling conditions.

Treatment for Infectious Diseases

It is better to avoid serious infectious diseases before they happen.Administration of vaccines for tetanus, equine encephalomyelitis, rabies, influenza, equine herpes virus, West Nile virus and other preventable infectious diseases can prevent or minimize the severity of disease. Should your horse contract an infection, early diagnosis and treatment is essential to maximize your chances for a timely and full recovery.

Treatment for Injury or Trauma
When your horse has an accident and suffers an injury or other trauma, Warwick Equine Clinic is there for you. We can treat most emergencies at the stable and for more involved procedures, horses can be shipped in to the clinic for more complicated procedures.


Colic cases are often true emergencies as differentiating between a simple gas colic, a more serious impaction or even a critical torsion or displacement requiring surgery is critical to a successful outcome. Ideally, no medication should be administered prior to a veterinary exam or discussion with the veterinarian, as treating the condition prior to an examination can thwart or delay accurate diagnosis resulting in delay of appropriate treatment.