Pre-Purchase Examinations

Purchasing a horse is a significant investment. It is not only the initial cost of the animal, but ongoing expenses for racing, showing, training, boarding, tack and equipment, shoeing and veterinary care.

A complete pre purchase examination should be performed before any equine purchase. Remember, the initial cost of the horse is minimal when compared to upkeep. Whilst a pre purchase evaluation is not a "guarantee" that your new horse will be problem free, the exam can often find issues which you should be aware of to make an informed decision.

Veterinarians no longer "pass" or "fail" a horse on examination. The vet will do a full exam and then discuss his or her findings with the prospective purchaser. Often additional tests will be recommended. These may include drug testing, radiographs, ultrasound, blood testing for infectious diseases, endoscopy of the airways and/or a rectal exam.

Few horses are completely problem free. Often the decision whether to purchase or pass depends on the prospective buyer's tolerance for risk and the price of the horse. The findings from the pre purchase exam will help the buyer make a more informed decision.

We routinely follow BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) guidelines during the pre purchase exam. This includes a series of questions to be answered by the current owner or trainer as well as examinations in hand and under saddle. 

If you have specific questions about pre purchase evaluations or any equine medical questions in general, please contact us.