New and Noteworthy


Alpha 2 macroglobulin is an exciting new therapy local for osteoarthritis, synovitis and other inflammatory conditions. It is a treatment modality in the group of orthobiologics (which means that it is processed from the patient's own blood). It is the latest in a progression from IRAP and ProStride that has some added benefits; not the least of which that unlike many other orthobiologics, it is virtually devoid or pro inflammatory cytokines. As with other orthobiologic treatments, it has the benefit of not using any corticosteroid, which makes it ideal for competition horses as it avoids drug testing concerns and for older horses that may already be Cushingoid or pre Cushingoid and exogenous cortisone use is concerning. It may also be advantageous over the use of corticosteroid in non clinical or stable horses with equine protozoal encephalomyelitis (EPM).

Follow the link below for more information about this exciting new therapeutic option for your horse.

Alpha2 Macroglobulin: Information for Owners and Trainers

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